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You Can’t Ignore a School Bus!

Launch of the 33rd Did You See Me? Campaign

You Can’t Ignore a School Bus!


Québec City, February 1, 2021  Today, the Bus Carriers Federation is launching the 33rd edition of its school transport safetycampaign, DidYou See Me?, which will take place fromFebruary 1 to 12, 2021. Each year, this campaign brings together all thestakeholders in the school and transport environments to educate the public onthe importance of adopting safe behaviours in the presence of school buses.


Still toomany people choose to ignore the road signs and not slow down in a school zoneor near a school bus, compromising the safety of our children. As theFederation reminds us through the Did You See Me? campaign, you canignore many things in life, but not a school bus.


Youcan watch the video from the 33rd Did You See Me? campaign by clicking here.


Schooltransport in Quebec at a glance 

   There are around 10,000 schoolbus drivers trained in Quebec.

   Over 534,000 students are transported across the province each day.

   Since 1986, there have been no deaths among schoolbus passengers aged 5 to 17.


Busdrivers: essential allies

The BusCarriers Federation, its members, and its partners wish to take the opportunityto highlight the exceptional work of the bus drivers, who ensure children’ssafety and well-being on a daily basis. This year in particular, they haveshowed up and continued to accompany students despite the addition of majorresponsibilities and health requirements related to the pandemic.



“Thisschool year has been marked by several twists and turns that have particularlyaffected student transport. I therefore wish to highlight the cooperation ofthe bus drivers, who have shown resilience and adaptability. Despite thecontext of the pandemic, school transport safety remains at the heart of ourconcerns. This is why your government is very proud to join the Did You SeeMe? campaign again this year.”

-    François Bonnardel, Minister ofTransport and Minister Responsible for the Estrie Region


“Generallypositive, the road safety record shows the importance of continuing schooltransport awareness and prevention efforts. Student safety must remain at theheart of the public’s priorities. Adopting safe behaviours is essential. Youcan never be too careful on the road, especially in the presence of schoolbuses!”

-    Stéphane Lefebvre, Chairperson ofthe BCF Board of Directors





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