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It’s yellow... prepare to stop

The presignal is a safety measure. School bus drivers must communicate in advance their intention to stop. The purpose of this measure is to slow traffic down in front and at the back of school buses to prevent abrupt braking or accelerating manoeuvres.

Two things to keep in mind

1- Prepare to stop when a school bus activates all four flashing amber lights or, alternatively, its hazard lights.

2- Completely stop your vehicle more than five meters from the bus when the latter is activating:

  • its flashing red lights;
  • its stop sign.

Do not forget

Crossing or passing a school bus with activated flashing red lights may earn you a fine of $200-$300 and the loss of 9 demerit points;This stop is not mandatory when crossing a school bus if the driving surface is separated by a median strip.

Road sign

Beginning of a school zone

This sign comes with a speed limit sign specifying the situations or periods of the day during which the speed limit must be obeyed, generally during periods of school activity.

Advance sign for school zones or school crossings

Permitted speed limit

Can be established at 30 km/h or 50 km/h, as the case may be.

School crossing

This sign shows the presence of a school crossing. You must yield to pedestrians.

Pedestrian crossing

This sign shows the presence of a pedestrian crossing. You must yield to pedestrians.

Advance school bus stop signal

This sign warns of the possible presence of a stopped school bus to have schoolchildren get on or off the bus.