Classroom activities

The school community: an important player!

Parents and teachers are natural allies when it comes to reminding students about school bus safety rules. With this in mind, the Bus Carriers Federation and its partners provide you the website section, where you can find a bundle of activities to do with students, as well as the entire collection of Sam and Bloop adventures in digital format.

Revision of safety rules

Axelle et Pitchouf - SAAQ

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) offers a series of games and videos aimed at raising awareness among children aged 5 to 8 about the importance of adopting safe behaviors when traveling to school.


Test your knowledge

How to use the book?

With kindergarten and grade 1 elementary students:

  • Review the school bus safety rules on page 12 of the book.
  • Direct the students’attention to the questions asked by Bubusse, the school bus mascot.
  • Discuss the importance of looking around carefully and, especially, being seen when approaching and travelling on a school bus.
  • Lend the book to one student every day throughout the safety campaign so they can read it at home with a parent. Parental involvement is crucial to adopting good behaviour.

With students in 1st and second grade

  • Review the school bus safety rules on page 12 of the book.
  • Have the book circulate among students and discuss the importance of looking around carefully and, especially, being seen when approaching and travelling on a school bus.
  • Have the students answer the questions asked by Bubusse, the school bus transportation mascot.
  • Ask them to read the book and find the answers to the games on page 11.
  • Suggest that students introduce the book to younger students and thus become safety sponsors.
  • Using safety rules that you have chosen, ask the students to create a new adventure for Sam and Bloop and to illustrate it.

In collaboration with all the teachers:

  • Hold a school-wide drawing contest in connection with the theme of the Did you see me? campaign, where each student illustrates one school bus safety rule. Drawings can be numbered and posted on school walls so that students can vote to determine the winners.

Extra activities

The Bus Carriers Federation, an ally

  • Seven short videos on the subject of school bus safety (available in French only).
  • The "Games" section (in French) offers preschoolers and elementary students interesting activities related to school bus safety.
  • The Bubusse Collection includes ten books.

Other interesting ideas

During this important province-wide awareness raising campaign, most Federation member school bus Carriers organize numerous activities on school bus safety in collaboration with their school boards and local police forces. Don’t hesitate to call upon the carriers who serve your school. They are available to help you do classroom activities, carry out simulations around a school bus and more.

A shared responsibility

The SAAQ has produced a folder titled School Bus Transportation, a Shared Responsibility. Its content educates drivers, parents and children to adopt safebehavior around school buses and schools. Topromote the safety of the students, the SAAQ partners, which includes the BusCarriers Federation, are essential links in the chain since they distribute thebrochure. The PDF version of the folder is availablefor download on the SAAQ’s website at

School safety patrols

Does your school have a safety patrol?

The CAA-Quebec Foundation created a school safety patrols program to promote road safety awareness and education in school zones. CAA-Quebec school safety patrols date back to 1929, and nowadays, they are more than 5000 4th, 5thand 6th graders to participate each year! 

To learn more about this program and its benefits, CLICK HERE or contact CAA-Quebec’s Road Safety department by phone:

Quebec City: 418 624-2424, ext. 2267
Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 800 463-7232, ext. 2267