The bus drivers

They are over 11,000 to travel a million kilometers and carry close to 600,000 schoolchildren every day, across the province.

Driving a school bus requires specific skills. As the primary stakeholders with students, school bus drivers must be licensed and qualified to drive a school vehicle. Among others, they must:

  • completed 15 hours of training to receive the mandatory certificate of competency for school bus drivers;
  • prove that they have no criminal record associated with the school bus driver occupation.

The driver has many responsibilities in addition to doing several runs a day with a vehicle full of schoolchildren. He/she must:

  • carry out the pre-departure inspection;
  • ensure passenger safety both inside and outside the bus;
  • keep discipline;
  • comply with a route and schedule predetermined by the school board.

Beyond these basic regulatory requirements, to drive a school bus, it is imperative to:

  • love children;
  • give priority to passenger safety;
  • have a passion for driving road vehicles;
  • know the laws and regulations pertaining to driving this type of vehicle and, more specifically, the Highway Safety Code;
  • want to contribute to young people's future and be involved in the community.

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