The campaign

2018 Did you see me? safety campaign

The provincial school transportation safety campaign, January 29 - February 9

Too many road users drive carelessly, even in a risky manner, when meeting or following a school bus. The Bus Carriers Federation is requesting that people adopt safe behaviors around school buses, comply to their rules of safety and respect their signals.

The road users’ participation is crucial to reduce risks of accidents, especially in school zones and even schoolyards. The Federation is not only targeting drivers, but also schoolchildren and their parents.

The purpose of the “Did You See Me?” slogan is to remind road users of the importance of paying attention to school bus signals and its frequent stops. This slogan is also meant to remind schoolchildren to make sure the driver can see them at all times, especially while crossing a street and getting on or off the bus.

The Bus Carriers Federation and the safety campaign

Each year, the Bus Carriers Federation sets up a provincial safety campaign to remind schoolchildren, stakeholders, and road users of the importance of adopting safe behaviors on board and around school buses.

This safety awareness campaign takes place during the first two weeks of February, at the time of the year when established habits and the sometimes harsh weather conditions make us less attentive on the road.

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