School Transportation Safety Campaign

January 29 - February 9, 2018

The Bus Carriers Federation is mobilizing road users, the school system, schoolchildren and their parents around the “Did You See Me?” topic.

Did you know?

In school zones it is important to respect road signs, the ones for school buses and those of the schools and their drop off zones on the roads or in schoolyards.

The four amber lights flashing on a school bus or the school bus hazards (warning) lights indicates the bus driver is about to stop its vehicule to board on or let schoolchildren out of the bus.

The seating area compartment of a school bus ensures better protection to schoolchildren than the use of a seat belt that would not be properly fastened; a seat belt not properly adjusted could cause neck, head or abdomen injuries.

When two lanes of traffic are divided by a median strip and you encounter a bus with its amber lights flashing from the other side of the strip, you are not required to bring your vehicule to a stop because the median provides protection.

To pass a school bus with its four amber lights flashing may expose a vehicule driver to nine demerit points and a fine of 200$ to 300$. Other fees may apply.

The school board transportation service determines the general conditions to access transportation, it plans and coordinates the service and also sets the stops/pick up points itineraries.

When a school bus has its alternating red lights flashing and its stop sign arm extended you must bring your vehicule to a full stop more than five meters (16 feet); when you are behind the bus or travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver who refuses to comply to orders or signals from a crossing guard is exposed to three demerit points and a 100$ fine. Other fees may apply.